You're engaged! HURRAH!

Que the bubbles, celebrations, the all important Facebook status change and hopefully an inappropriately sized novelty engagement balloon! 


Once the initial excitement of the engagement subsides and the reality of planning a wedding hits home, the anxiety sweats can start. Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience simply because there is so much to think about. 


Getting organised is the key to nailing this wedding malarkey. 

1. Choose a date: Until you have a date you can’t make any bookings so this is the best place to start.

2. Guest list: Draw up a rough guest list so you have an idea of how many people you are planning to invite. Venue's and suppliers will want to know how big your wedding will be. 

3. Set yourself a budget: Weddings can be costly so it’s important that you decide how much money you are going to spend on your day and on what. 

Holly Poulter from the brilliant Reverly Events Uk says: 

"Prioritise! If there’s one thing we could drum into your head it would be to know your priorities and put them at the very top of your budget list. If something is important to you, that’s where you want to spend your cash. Don't try to do everything perfectly, because unless you have Beyonce-level cash you'll end up frustrated and broke. Focus on the things that you both want to remember - some couples couldn't care less about the way things look, and would rather put on a playlist and invest more in an open bar and amazing food. For others, it's all about the music, baby, and a day of great entertainment."

4. Start making a list: Write down EVERYTHING you will need to organise for your wedding such as wedding clothes, flowers, food, evening entertainment etc. If you like a spreadsheet then this is when you can get your nerd on. Even include things that you think don’t matter at the moment such as beauty treatments before the wedding. This way you know you have included everything in your budget.

5. Start working through your list: Look at your list and decide what is the priority. Start with the first thing, get that sorted before moving onto the next. Go through your list in order of priority. The venue, ceremony and dress are usually the things that need to be done first. Delegate as many jobs as you can to your friends and family. 

6. Research: Once you start on your list spend a bit of time on each point, do your research and get some quotes. A minimum of two quotes is usually wise but no more than five otherwise you may end up with too much to choose from.

7. Finally, enjoy! Its your wedding so pour yourself a glass of bubbly and  enjoy planning this really special day.

Meghan Keates from The Wedding Emporium says:

"The most important thing to make sure you do when planning your big day is... enjoy it! Nothing is worth stressing over too much, rope in your friends and family when you feel the pressure and get them involved, the more the merrier and the less worry for you.”

If you are looking for help with planning your wedding then RD Events would love to hear from you. We can help with everything from wedding planning and styling to on the day coordination and childcare.