Here we go then, the start of a new wedding year.

For many couples, the journey of planning their wedding has begun and so begins some tense talks over very detailed spreadsheets and a stack of wedding magazines that can serve as your coffee table for the next 12 months.

In light of this, I’ve been trawling all things wedding to bring you my first ‘WEDDING INSPIRATION’ blog post and this time I’ve gone all rock chick.

Let me start by saying that for some, finding their wedding inspiration is very simple. They’ve had most details of their wedding mapped in their head for sometime and know exactly what they want.


For others, it’s not that easy. At a recent wedding fair I was talking wedding style with a bride, I asked her if she had any colours in mind. Her blank expression said it all. She said “I literally haven’t got a clue.” If this is something you can relate to then you might find looking for wedding inspiration a little overwhelming.


So with that in mind, let me take you through this look.

If you like something with a little bit of edge, perhaps with some quirky touches using non traditional wedding colours, then this might start the creative juices flowing. Think cool and unconventional.


For me, this look is less about rebellion and more about individuality. Incorporating darker, richer colours combined with the elegance of metallics will give you a wedding with attitude. More pretty delicate florals can also be incorporated to add a touch of romance.

44348280_591686774599458_4461965799246004224_n (1).jpg

I will forever be a fan of candles as part of wedding decor. Using thick pillar candles, varying the heights and sizes will create a warming atmosphere against the backdrop of darker colours whilst also bringing a sense of occasion.


And course - there’s adding a bit of leather to the proceedings. Mixing up different textures and materials in whatever form, adds a sense of style and when their personalised like these, it adds a special touch. I also think these jackets a great alternative bridesmaid gifts.

To add a real element of individuality and uniqueness to your wedding then check out Photo Press Uk. Sarah creates bespoke newspapers that can be used as invites, orders of services or thank you notes. She incorporates exactly what you’d like to say along with your favourite photos to create something really special and unique.


Props and furniture are another way that you can add some real personality to your day and look no further than The Prop Factory. They have a great range of props and furniture and add their collection often. Browsing through their collection is a great place to start when looking for inspiration.


If you’re getting married and would like help planning or styling your day then we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch for a no obligation chat over a cuppa and we can start dreaming up ideas to give you the wedding you’ve always wanted.